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COVID-19 has impacted everyone on varying levels and has exposed that we do not have a safety net system in place to take care of each other that will insure that at the very least, our bare minimum needs are met.  Thanks to a grant and partnership with Jrue and Lauren Holiday (JLH Social Justice Fund) , The Love We Don't See is proud to announce our Guaranteed Income Pilot Program.  We want to be apart of the conversation that introduces Guaranteed Income to the United States in order to guarantee the bare minimum needs of our fellow Americans are met . We believe, as Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr. said that a Guaranteed Income is the future and the present in terms of an investment in each other to shift where the poverty line begins and towards creating  a system that provides more freedom to every day Americans to invest in themselves.  Our Guaranteed Income Pilot Program will last for 6 months and awardees will receive $400 dollars per month, including a $100 enrollment bonus gift($2500 per family over 6months). We will remain in contact with awardees throughout the process, providing diet/exercise/financial tips as we document how Guaranteed Income has impacted their lives.   T

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