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Earlier this year NBA All-star and Olympic gold medalist Jrue and Lauren Holiday announced that Jrue would be pledging the remainder of his NBA salary toward Black Owned Businesses, Black- led non-profits, programs and institutions of higher learning in New Orleans, Indianapolis and the Los Angeles area.

Today, we are so thankful to say that we were selected as a recipient of the Jrue & Lauren Holiday Social Justice Fund. Being a part of this initiative allows the opportunity for black (businesses, nonprofits, schools) like ours to thrive in a time of uncertainty, and gives hope to our communities in the fight for social justice and economic equity. Thank you, Jrue & Lauren! Nobody succeeds in life on their own and what the Holiday Family is doing for people who just want to help people all over the country is a prime example of what believing in eachother & investing in the well being of people looks like . We are looking forward to pulling up our sleeves & getting to work in our community & collaborating with others in order to pay it forward & give to them what the Holiday Family gave to us .

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Nov. 11th Our CEO Sylvester spoke at his former Highschool to the Cerritos Highschool Black Student Union about the work we do at The Love We Don’t See does to positively impact communities through education, as well as financial literacy . It was an important opportunity to empower & highlight the greatness/potential each of our students has through dialogue & community building .

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October 30th our Organization had the honor of hosting a FREE Drive-In Movie night for families, where we were able to pass out more Unity Journals & make it a Halloween the kids will always remember ! Thank you to all the members of the community who showed up ! Community is what we need & we got that love here 🖤

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