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Guaranteed Income Pilot LA County

Jrue & Lauren Holiday awarded The Love We Don’t See with a grant over the summer for our work within the community & we wanted to dedicate a portion of those funds towards Guaranteed Income. Our Guaranteed Income pilot program will last for 6 months and awardees will receive $400 dollars the 1st in addition to a $100 enrollment bonus signup . Awardees can spend the money on whatever they see fit but to help we also planned to attach free meal plans / education around healthy foods, financial literacy tips,  as well as exercise they can do at home. With all of the underlying conditions that became exacerbated because of COVID-19 we believe there must be an over investment into the health of the American people . At a time where our government is not providing relief to people, we were hoping that we could assist families that need it, generate support to reach more families , & bring data back to the cities we are working in to advocate for them to launch their own pilot programs . Building a coalition of unemployed/working poor people is the last campaign Dr.Martin Luther King fought for before his assassination & I believe that Guaranteed Income can be an important first step in building solidarity amongst people of all different ethnic backgrounds in a way that would create generational change in America . Guaranteed Income can provide a certain level of  freedom — freedom to be entrepreneurs, , to stay home with the kids, to take care of sick parents, to leave abusive relationships, and to help our community in times of crisis. 


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